Tuesday, 14 January 2014


- My main target for the next week is to conduct further research into the style of magazine which I want to use in my style of design.
- By the end of the week I should know what genre my magazine will be E.g. Music, fashion, education.
    - Analysed at least one magazine cover and its contents, one double page spread. Analyse a minimum of three using at least 10 technical terms from the list provided.  The magazine must come from the genre you are making
    - I should have by the end of the week completed my schedule of coursework and post it on my blog
    - Examples of other texts
    - 3x analysis of Magazine covers, contents and a double page spread
    - Analysis of colour palettes fonts 10 examples of each
    - Language register
    - Decide on style of magazine
    - Analysis of existing magazine titles
    - Decide on title of Mag
    - Research relevant fashion/styling associated with genre
    - Mood boards
    - Audience research, from at least 10 people
    - Audience profile
    - Research relevant photographers, graphics designers, magazine creators
    - Analysis of institution that wold publish your mag
    - Preperation of a 25 word pitch
    - Compose a 20 song playlist of track which have inspired you

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