Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Double Page Spread Analysis

Mast Head:
The mast head for this double page spread is a unique style, we first see the words 'book'  and 'blur' which after seeing the picture of Blurs guitarist we instantly know it's him who's saying these words.  This could make the reader assume he's talking about writing a book on Blur or something which would appeal to the reader and grab their attention.  

Main Image:
The first thing we see on this double page spread is a large image of the Blur guitarist placed on the left side, the writer must have wanted this to be the first thing the reader see's as the left is the first place we look when looking at a magazine/book/newspaper etc.  His eyes are level with the start of the top section of the page, this is just right because there isn't a large empty space above or below his face (which is the main feature). 

The lead is the gap which seperates each paragraph, it must be right otherwise the reader could easily get confused, on this page we can easily tell when each line finishes and when each line starts.

The colours used in this article are not very bright or eye catching, they consist of white/grey, black and a small amount of red and green.  They could have done this to show his personality to the reader or to reflect the mast head which is him saying his book would be about vomiting and vicodin pills which aren't very pleasant.  It could get the reader to start asking questions about his life and could feel if they read on they may find out.

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