Sunday, 19 January 2014

Magazine Article Analysis 2

Mast Head:
The mast head in this article is good because the white stands out clearly on the black background and the red background, the font is sans serif because it wants to be bold and catch the readers attention with the name 'KASABIAN' 

This is the gap between the two sections of writing on the page, it is an important feature because without it the reader could easily get confused with what they are reading.  In this article the two sections have been separated clearly with a slight gap therefore it is easy to distinguish which line belongs to which paragraph 

The colours used in this article are white, red and black.  These 3 colours work well together and stand out well against eachother.  White works well on red and visa versa, black works well on white and visa versa and finally red works well on black and visa versa. Also there is brown on the guitar in the image which sort of decorates the page and makes the image stand out as it's the only thing on the page that isn't red, black or white.

Main Image:
The main image is of the very well known guitarist in Kasabian (Sergio Pizzorno) this image is eye catching and interesting because it shows off Serge's unique style that he chooses e.g. the bandanna and baggy, torn shirt.  It gives the band a laidback, rock and roll image which is how most Indie Rock bands like to be represented.

CVI (central visual interest):
The CVI on this page is the picture of Serge and his guitar, this is what most people want to see as it's 'eye candy' for the girls and looks cool and iconic for the reader.

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