Sunday, 19 January 2014

Magazine Double Page Spread Analysis 2

Mast Head:
The mast head for this double page spread stands out very clearly and is eye catching due to it being white, sans serif writing, all in capitals on a dark background.  It's in quote marks so we know someone famous must have said it and as our eyes naturally drift to the right we see Liam Gallagher now fans can instantly tell that Liam said that about his new band Beady Eye.

Main Image:
The main image is of Liam Gallagher who is very iconic to many people who would read Q magazine, the image has been edited to make it look vintage and old.  This is the image that Liam tries to make people believe he is, it also could be to represent how he is getting older and very experienced.  In the background we see numerous amps and a drumkit which makes Liam look even more like a stereotypical 'Rock Star'

The lead is the gap which seperates each paragraph, it must be right otherwise the reader could easily get confused, on this page we can easily tell when each line finishes and when each line starts.

The colour palette on this page is a mixture of brown, white, black and light blue.   This is quite a good combination of colours to have because it is half dark colours and half light colours this is a perfect balance so that the page doesn't look too dark or too light.  The brown sets the vintage sort of mood and the black is a good background to have the lighter colours on because it makes them stand out more than any other colour would.  There is also a very small amount of red to decorate the look of the page.

Image Description:
The description of the image is in the bottom right corner of the page, this is because that is the last place the reader would look and the description of the image is not seen as an important feature of the page.

There is a small quote from Liam in the top right corner of the double page spread, this could be to fill the empty space however it also singles out an important part of the interview as it says 'Oasis Reunion' which is something that lots of people all around the world have been looking forward to.  So if a person who doesn't like Beady Eye but does like Oasis is just scanning the page and see's that quote then it will make him/her want to read on

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