Sunday, 19 January 2014

Iconic Photographers - Jim Marshall

Regarded by many as "THE rock and roll photographer," Jim Marshall's career has always been focused on the documentation of people. A son of San Francisco, Marshall's favorite subjects were musicians, and his 40-years of extraordinary photography include very special shots of Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles Janis Joplin and other stars in the rock music hegemony. Unlimited access to the musicians coupled with an inviolate sense of trust between subject and photographer allowed Marshall special opportunities: he was chief photographer at Woodstock and was the only photographer allowed backstage at the Beatles final concert. Since he demanded total access, Marshall lived 24-7 with his subjects, and his pictures reflect affection for the artists as they describe the musicians' character. Marshall has said that it's no accident if his pictures seem musical because, "I see the music."
                                             The Beatles coming off the plane                                                               
                                             for their last ever show in San      

Woodstock 1969

                                                                                                                         Jim Morrison



From his unique style of photography I have learnt about how to capture the music in a picture for example in the Woodstock picture he has captured the whole stage including instruments, speakers and lights in the foreground and then the whole crowd in the background.  The colour of the sky in the picture is yellow which has connotations of mellow and happy moods, this suits Woodstock because it was a festival of peace and love.  When Marshall took pictures of musicians he made it clear to the viewer that they were in bands whether it was because of what they were holding/doing or whether it was what they were wearing e.g. in the Jim Morrison picture he is smoking a cigarette which have connotations of being 'cool' and most band members do smoke.  

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  1. You MUST reflect on what you have learnt about his style and whether you can convincingly recreate elements of it in your magazine. Without that reflection it is just a cut and paste from the internet and carries no marks.