Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Magazine article analysis

Mast Head:
The mast head stands out as it's a black font on a lighter coloured background, also the title itself shocks the reader as it's not something you'd expect someone to say about Alex Turner (frontman of Arctic Monkeys) due to his confidence on stage and being good at what he does you would assume he's no where near 'the dullest man in the world' but thats what grabs the readers attention and makes them want to read on.  It is placed in the top section of the article because in this culture it is where we look at first on an article, the writer wants us to see this first so that the reader knows what the article is about and makes it appeal to them.

This is the gap between the two sections of writing on the page, it is an important feature because without it the reader could easily get confused with what they are reading.  In this article the two sections have been seperated with a picture of Tom Clarke from The Enemy the fact he is placed inbetween the writing tells us instantly that he is the one accusing Alex Turner of being boring.

The colours used in this article are white, red and black.  These 3 colours work well together and stand out well against eachother.  White works well on red and visa versa, black works well on white and visa versa and finally red works well on black and visa versa.  The makers of the magazine would have only chosen 3 colours to keep it simple and not have too much going on, on one page since there is already lots of writing, any more colours could make it confusing and distracting for the reader.

Main Image:
The main image is of Tom Clarke from The Enemy, he is in the centre of the page standing directly underneath the quote at the top of the page, this makes it very clear to the reader that it is him who is saying this quote. It shows his full body and as this is a Q and A article it's almost as if he's allowing the reader into his life.

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  1. Try and make sure you are looking at double page spreads Ollie.