Thursday, 16 January 2014

Colour Palettes

Black, yellow, white - I think these colours would go well together because of the contrast of dark and light colours

Yellow, black, blue - This mixture of colours might not work as well because there are 2 dark colours with only one light colour therefore the page could look quite dark.  It may look good on a heavy rock magazine cover

Green, white, blue - I think this combination of colours wouldn't suit the genre of magazine that I am using, it would look best for a kids magazine as thee colours are bright and fun. 

Red, white, yellow - I don't think these colours would work well together because they are all very bright and the page would look like there is too much going on, on the page

Black, white, green - The black works well on the white and visa versa and then the green adds variety to the page which prevents the page from looking dull

White, blue, black - I don't think this combination of colours would work well for many genres of magazines due to the colours being quite dull 

Blue, yellow, red - These colours are all quite bright and even though they wouldn't work well with the genre of magazine i'm creating, I believe they would work best for a children's comic or kids magazine

Blue, white, yellow - The blue would stand out well on top of the white because of the dark on light contrast however i think that the yellow wouldn't suit these other two colours and would look out of place

White, black, red - I think that these colours would work well if the creators of the magazine are trying to set a mysterious atmosphere, this is due to black having connotations of darkness, and red having connotations of caution

Green, yellow, red - All 3 of these colours are very bright therefore I don't think they would look very well together as the page would have too much going on it would distract the reader from the main purpose of the page

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  1. I like the way which you have described why each one would look well on your coursework for your magazine. I also like the fact that you have talked about which colours wouldn't work well on your magazine as it shows you have evaluated it and thought which would work best.