Sunday, 19 January 2014

25 word pitch

  • Magazine for indie scenesters
  • 13-23 year olds
  • Influenced by Beady Eye and Blur
  • Jim Marshall style photo's
  • Colour palette of green, white, brown and red


  1. Ollie. You appear to have misread the schedule. We wanted analysis of contents pages, so far you have none. Make sure you rectify this asap.

    The majority of your posts require more detail to secure the higher bands. Remember you are being marked on reflection and target setting, currently you aren't doing this. Take a look at Molly's or Nat's to see how this is done. If you also look at Zilberts you'll see how to analyse text and font.

    The BIG target is to get both your music mag prelim and the school magazine prelim uploaded and reflected on. In will give you some questions to help you do this.

  2. I feel this pitch would be effective for your target audience to be gripped by your magazine, however you should include music artists in which you feel would be the perfect example of mirroring your artist you create, as well as describing the style you wish to go about (eg; basic, innovative, colloquial, formal)

  3. I think this 25 word pitch includes the important information. I think that you should improve by including some more music artists.

  4. Ollie! Your contributing factors will help secure your target audience, it seems like you know what sort of images you will be using.
    I would be willing £2.50 for your magazine.
    I would prefer your pitch to be presented visually, it would help enforce what sort of magazine you will be creating :-)

  5. Hi Oliver, I can see clearly what genre and age range you are going for in your magazine and also know what type of bands would consist in your magazine and who would read it. I would pay £2.50-£3.00 for you magazine. To improve i would include pictures so people can know exactly what your magazine would look like, what the people in it would look like and what other magazines influenced you.

  6. I feel that this pitch isn't as detailed as it needs to be. Your audience, genre and style of the magazine need to be explored in more depth.
    I would pay £2.20 for your magazine.

  7. I like how you have clearly stated your target audience. This intrigues me as I am now interested to see how your magazine turns out. Sticking to specific photographer's and themes is effective as it allows you to focus on something whilst making your magazine and it wont become too over complicated.
    I would pay £2.00 due to the lack of detail on your pitch.
    To improve, show your 25 word pitch on a different application. Use of Prezi and Powtoon would be effective as it would draw the readers in and you can express what you want your magazine to appear like through colour and music.

  8. i like how you've made the target audience very clear, but the pitch lacks creativity to improve you could do as little as add colour to the pitch, or make a video of some sort like others have on their blogs. i would pay £2.00 for your magazine as its not my type of genre really.