Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Skills I have Learned So far

So far in this course I have mostly learned about the different layouts of magazine covers, there are 3 main styles, the Z plan, F plan and the E plan.  There are 3 sections on every magazine cover, the massed head is the title of the magazine and it should be placed in the top section of the page, it should only be slightly covered if it is a well known magazine such as NME.   The persons eyes should be level with the start of the top section, the body should be in the second section and the main cover line should be in the bottom section or in the start of the second section however this varies depending on what type of layout is being used.

I also learned about three point lighting and the effects it has on the picture. The three main lights are called the 'Key light' 'hair light' and the 'fill light' I found out you can turn one or two of each to make different effects and set different moods.  The key light is the strongest light, the fill light is the furthest away, this makes the light weaker and finally the hair light is what makes the picture/film 'pop' out.

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