Sunday, 19 January 2014

Magazine cover analysis 2

Mast Head:The mast head on this magazine cover stands out fairly well with the use of the colour white on red, it makes it easy to read and both of the colours are bright so are very eye catching.  The 'Q' is on top of the image unlike previous 'NME' magazine covers that I have researched which have the image overlapping the Mast Head, they can do this because their magazine is one of the most famous music magazines in the UK so are not as worried about advertising their magazine like 'Q' are.

Main Cover Line:
The main cover line stands out more than the rest of the coverlines because it is larger and coloured red, red stands out a lot.  So when someone walks past the magazine, one of the first things that they will see is the name 'Liam' and in the music business, the name Liam usually means Liam Gallagher therefore the fact that his name is the first thing they see is very important as that name will decide whether they want to buy it or not

Cover line:
The coverlines are the rather small headlines around the sides of the page, they let the reader know what else is in the magazine as most people would not buy a magazine just for one story about an artist that they like.  The coverlines on this magazine cover are intriguing for the reader because they have bands and artists in big bold writing such as 'Noah And The Whale' and 'Elbow' this is making as much use as possible out of the room left on the page making sure there is no empty space.

Main Image:
The image is of a very iconic figure to large amounts of people (Liam Gallagher) and it is eye catching therefore his fans would want to buy this magazine as soon as they see his face on the cover.  It has been cleverly edited as he has his band members in the reflection of his glasses which show the reader that there is news about his new band Beady Eye.  This will make the reader want to read on.

The barcode is seen as the least important feature of a magazine and is therefore placed in the bottom right of the page which is the very last place people in our culture would look

The colour palette in this cover are brown, red and white this is a good contrast because it contains both dark and light colours which means it doesn't look like there is too much going on on the page, also the brown and white both stand out on top of eachother.

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